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About Schlagle Locker
3/8/18 9:35 AM
10/5/18 2:14 PM

Our History

Alma Mater

Where trails meet and old friends greet,

Oh, there’s a school I know

Standing firm and steadfastly

As seasons come and go;

She lifts herself o’re din and dust,

Our colors, gold and blue;

We hold you high our Alma Mater,

Our Schlagle ever true.

School Pride

School Colors:

Royal Blue and Gold Trimmed with White

School Mascot:



Frank L. Schlagle

About Mr. F. L. Schlagle

Mr. F. L. Schlagle, in whose honor the high school is named, served as Superintendent of Schools in Kansas City, Kansas for 30 years - from 1932-1962.  He was also the principal of Kerr School (then Roosevelt, now closed), assistant principal at Central Junior High, and principal of Argentine High School (now Argentine Middle School).

Mr. Schlagle is recognized as a national and international leader in education having served two terms as president of the National Education Association, as a consultant to the San Francisco conference that resulted in formation of the United Nations, and as one of 14 delegates from the United States to the conference of UNESCO in London.  

During his tenure as Superintendent he lists many achievements including the state’s first salary schedule, first retirement plan, first tenure program, and first leave of absence for military service.

Mr. Schlagle’s high standards and lofty achievements will serve as an inspiration to the students and staff at  F. L. Schlagle High School.