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Awards and Accolades

Congratulations to Victoria Burnau finishing 4th place at the KCAL Meet & 3rd place finish at the WYCO Meet.

Congratulations to Paul Beasley and Miles Davis for being accepted to YE Spring Break Academy

Congratulations Denyce Chatmon

Congratulations to the January Student of the Month Denyce Chatmon who was honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on January 23, 2018.

“Denyce is an A student and currently holds a 3.91 GPA. … In addition to keeping her grades at an exceptional level, Denyce also holds a job outside of school and works close to full time hours each week. I believe Denyce is headed in a direction which will see her be successful, prominent and an asset to the community,” said Officer Kala Corethers, KCKPS Police Department.

Congratulations Harriet Williams

Two outstanding employees were honored this week by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education as Employees of the Month for January. Congratulations to Harriet Williams, certified nursing assistant and paraprofessional from F.L. Schlagle High, and Amy Loveland, principal from Kansas State School for the Blind and North Central Office Early Childhood Center.

Harriet is truly a lifelong Schlagle Stallion.  She graduated from Schlagle in 1980 and came to work here as a certified nursing assistant and paraprofessional about 13 years ago. She has shined throughout the school since she walked through the doors. It is not unusual to hear her singing, see her smiling and spreading her joy throughout the building. The students respect her and look up to her. Even when she has to be stern with a student, she fills it with her love and that her smile returns and she lights up the area.

She rejoices in her work and then the students that she works with. She says that what attracts her to the job is the opportunity to take care of kid’s needs. She said at first the hardest part of getting settled into the position was trying to figure out what a paraprofessional is. Once she figured out the duties and responsibilities she grew to an be a huge part of our Schlagle community.

Outside of the school she is active in the Greater Pentecostal Temple serving as a liturgical dance minister. And she has share this talent with the Schlagle community at several assemblies in the past. She believes and lives the idea that we are all responsible for the success of our community. Harriet is another example of the excellent team members we have working with our KCK students.

congratulations debaters

Darick Charles placed 4th in Student Congress at the Debate tournament on December 14th, and Naydel Ferrer placed 5th.

Congratulations Wrestling Team

Congratulations to our wrestling team, they finished second in The Wyandotte Classic Tournament.  

Daylen Borisouth 2nd

Jonah Andrew 1st

Mason Turner 1st

Sergio Sanchez 3rd

Caleb Taussig 3rd

Anthony Valencia 2nd

Phoenix Downs 2nd

Andrew Owens 5th

Hector Reyes 6th

Paul Beasley 1st

District November Student of the Month

Honoring Our Vision Award 2017


Congratulations Schlagle Stallions Football Team!

Schlagle Football Won KCAL 2017-2018 Team of the Year

Ivan Webb Player of the Year

Tylen Wallace Offensive Player of the Year

Gavin Williams Defensive Player of the Year

Larmon Witt Special Team Player of the Year

Dwayne Williams Coach of the Year


Offense 1st Team

Brayden Soza Quarterback

Tylen Wallace Offensive Lineman

Paul Beasley Offensive Lineman

Ivan Webb Running Back


Defense 1st Team

James Hampton Linebacker

Miles Davis Defensive End

Tyen Wallace Defensive Lineman

Gavin Williams Safety


1st Team

Dave Chacon Punter/Kicker


2nd Team

Robert Suttington Linebacker


2nd Team

Larmon Witt Wide Receiver/Cornerback

2017-2018 Edzoocation Competition

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the Edzoocation Competition at MidAmerica Nazarene University:


Game-Based Competition:

First Place:  Leslie Urzua- Marin (Schlagle)


Lesson Planning Competition: 

First Place:  Grace Marc'E Wright (Schlagle)

Second Place: Ainjel Cummings & Ryan Duncan (Schlagle)

Third Place: Sunita Kalikote & Tanya Tello (Schlagle)

District September Students of the Month

Congratulations to the September 2017 Students of the Month honored by the Board of Education at their meeting on September 26, 2017. They are: (from left) Spencer Crosby from F.L. Schlagle High, Rosie Lopez from Eisenhower Middle, Melody Hawj from West Middle and Hector Plantillas, Jr. from Bethel Elementary.



Schlagle Student Takes District honors

The Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education honored four students as Students of the Month at their meeting on January 26, 2016.  Students are pictured (front row, from left) Joaquin Rincon Berroa, Douglas Heights Head Start; and Brennyn Braxton, Bethel Elementary School; (back row, from left) Cristian Zarate, F.L. Schlagle High School, and Leonard Jenkins, Argentine Middle School.




Schlagle earns gold in math relays

Kudos to all of our Schlagle Mathletes who participated in this year's KCKPS Math Relays.
With your brain power,

Schlagle earned GOLD
for the third year running

Please help us congratulate our Stallions who earned medals -- Keturah Weaver, Tony Her, Worapot "Bank" Hongsopa, Caleb Taussing, Keenan Adams, Princess Cole, Jacqueline Garcia Iyescas, Logan Whisenant, Alecia Florez, Vivion Young, Jazmine Billberry, Valeria Rivera, Ethan Sargent, KongPheng Vang, Victor Lopez, David Chacon, Jeremy Billverry, Avionna Underwood, Deoveon West, Lynette Enriquez, Jared Morgan, Jacob Kaiser, and Jose Rueda.

Your Schlagle family is proud of you!

Schlagle Medals in Math Relays


In the PREP-KC Regional Math Relays Competition,Schlagle competed against schools from five districts in the greater Kansas City metro area. In all, Schlagle took home 13 medals, which is the most we've earned in the past four years from this regional competition.

                 Schlagle Participants:
  1. Tony v. Her                             15. Darius Brand
  2. Worapot Hongsopa                16. Ranae' Barfield
  3. Jonnie Her                             17. Amya Lewis
  4. Keturah Weaver                     18. Delicia Johnson
  5. Lavaunte Frazier                    19. Elizabeth Zing
  6. DeMarquice Phillips               20. Nathan Litka
  7. Tanka Baral                            21. Ethan Sargent
  8. Mulan Vang                            22. Bobby Primers
  9. Robert Suttington                   23. KongPheng Vang
  10. Karla Rincon                          24. Eduardo Flores Delamora
  11. Grace Wright                          25. D'Monte Gaw
  12. Shirley Thao                           26. Michelle Armitage
  13. Charles Scott                          27. Elijah Gibson
  14. Valeria Rivera                         
Beta Division Medals                                                                                 Delta Division Medals
  • D'Monte Gaw - 4th place Geometry                                                 Tanka Baral - 3rd place ACT
  • Nathan Litka - 3rd place Geometry                                           Keturah Weaver - 2nd place ACT
  • Elijah Gibson - 2nd place Geometry                                                                                              
  • Bobby Primers - 4th place Number Sense                                                                                     
  • Mulan Vang - 4th place Data                                                                                                          
Sigma Division Medals                                                                             Data Medley Event, 1st place 
  • Jonnie Her - 6th place                                                                                          Keturah Weaver
  • Worapot Hongsopa - 5th place                                                                                  Darius Brand
                                                                                                                                 Robert Suttington
                                                                                                                              DeMarquice Phillips

Congratulations Stallion Mathletes! 2015

Math1.jpgKudos to the 86 Stallions who competed in the KCKPS Math Relays Competition on Saturday, March 7th.
Schlagle boasted the highest attendance of any high school in the district and brought home a total of 45 medals, earning Schlagle "Gold" status
Schlagle's medalists included: Sofia Torres, Logan Whisenant, Jorge Castorena Santos, Gabriel Palacio, Devona Sanders, Ray'Monik Brown, Nancy Vang, Jonathon Manion, Edgar Calderon, Andrew Heckey, Nicholas Singleton, Tony Her, Keturah Weaver, Nayeline Coronilla, Juan Ramos, Edgar Calderon, Andres Enriquez, Linli Shi, Kenneth Gay, Daneil Lee, Mercedes Platt, Alecia Florez, Amya Lynch, Samantha Torres-Limas, Sierra Scott, Anthony Chacon, Davarious Head, Amya Lewis, Jacquelin Jimenez, Makayla Peoples, Tre'Shawn Williams, Daniel Rogers, Jaine Vang, Amber Valencia, Keenan Adams, Emily Her, Marcellius Hunter, Taylor Moody, Alize' Larabee, Lily Andrews

2015 Job Olympics

On April 2, 2015, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Farthing and Mr. Matthews took their classes to the 15th Annual Job Olympics at Bonner Springs High School. the students compete in various events that help prepare them for life after high school. The following students medaled:

Kath Beth Elevier Owens: 1st in Condiment Station, 1st in Sorting Color, 2nd in Name Stamping and Hardest Worker

Travis Plamer: 3rd in Wiping Tables

Bailey Moore: 1st in Mail Sorting, 3rd in Wheelchair Mobility

Mabel Contreras: 2nd in Pizza Box Assembly, Hardest Worker

Caleb Schlegle: Hardest Worker

Zenon Ruiz: 2nd in Basic Carpentry, 2nd in Potting Plants, 3rd in T-Shirt Folding

Dallas McClain: 1st in Pizza Box Assembly

Aldo Meara: 1st in Pizza Box Assembly

Caleb Moua: 2nd in T-shirt Folding

Josh Stillwell: 2nd in T-shirt Folding

Sam Stillwell: 1st in T-shirt Folding, 3rd in Mail Sorting

Kansas Honors Scholars

Congratulations to the following students for being  recognized as Kansas Honors Scholars by the University of Kansas Alumni Association. They are ranked in the top ten percent of the class of 2015:

Jacob Armstrong
Jasmin Bell
Ray'Monik Brown
Nayeline Coronilla-Guerrero
Jazminn Glavin
Tia Henderson
Jordan Her
Tavia Holt
Jonothon Manion
Imani Newman
Kayleen Perkins
Mercedes Platt
Janie Vang
Evelin Villigrana
William Wallace
Johnny Xiong
Linda Xiong

Schlagle Rocks Math Relays 2013

Schlagle's math relay team medaled eight times at this Saturday PREP-KC Regional Math Relays Competition at Center High School. The competition included schools from six different  districts around the Kansas City Metro area. Our team included: A Long Thao, Alan Cedillo, Celia Coronilla-Guerrero, DeMarko Huff, Drake Owings, Gadon Davis, Imani Newman, Josue Rodriguez, Lanette Peoples, Makayla Peoples, Marques Neal, Nayeline Coronilla-Guerrero, Orlando Cedillo, Princess Cole, Susan Xiong, Tama Johnson, TeAra Crockett, Tianna Graddine, Tre'Shawn Williams, Yuephang Vang, and Davarius Head. Coaches were Jenny Prater and Tracy Carver.

Individual Events
Algebra - Tre'Shawn Williams
Geometry - Marques Neal
Number Sense - Tre'Shawn Williams
ACT - Gadon Davis
Team Events
Data Medley
Team 1: TeAra Crockett, Tama Johnson, Lynnette Peoples, Tre'Shawn Williams
Team 2: Nayeline Coronilla-Guerrero, Susan Xiong, Marques Neal, Imani Newman
Number Sense Medley - TeAra Crockett, Drake Owings, Davarius Head, A Long Thao
ACT Relay - Nayeline Coronilla-Guerrero, Josue Rodriguez, Drake Owings, Orlando Cedillo