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Just in Time for Halloween!

Movie Review: As Above, So Below

As Above.jpg

By: Zack Kong


     This movie is a first person movie, the characters have cameras on their headlamps and you can see out of their perspective. This movie is Rated R with some swearing. If you get motion sickness really easily, I recommend you not to watch this movie, but it's up to you. Scarlett an explorer wanting to finish her fathers research about the Philosopher Stone.

     The guy recording is named Benji; he captures everything that is happening in the Catacombs. The white girl tripping when running in horror films; yes Scarlett is that person. Everyone wants to leave the catacomb, but she wants to keep moving. I’m just letting you know right now this movie will make you mad because of the decisions they make.
     John Erick Dowdle directs this movie it made 6/10 at IMDb. This movie was released on August 29, 2014 and made $8 million to $10 million over the four-day weekend and showed at 2,637 movie theaters.


Movie Review: Annabelle


By: Haley Eisenhower

     What’s supposed to scare us about this “Horror Film”? Walking in thinking this was going to be the scariest movie ever, was actually really disappointing! This movie is the prequel of “The Conjuring”.  “The Conjuring” was much more ‘horrorish’.

     Annabelle was a basic floor-creaking, white-ghost-figures, and different appliances coming on by themselves!  I was expecting suspense; besides the creepy music and ugly doll everything was predictable!  The director John R. Leonetti was born in the 1950’s who are obsessed with horror, dolls, and possessions. The cast was mostly unknown people that I never heard of. One cast member, who played Evelyn, the bookstore lady, was Alfre Woodard.  Woodard played in “The Family That Prey’s” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. Mostly everyone else was unknown, which kind of lost points for me as well.

     Annabelle is now playing in theaters everywhere, first weekend made $37.2 million.  The run time is 95 minutes long and rated R.  Take it from me, save your money… wait until it comes out or just don’t come see it!

Thinkin' About Market Day

If you've been at Schlagle for a while, you may have already wondered about the next Market Day. If you're new to Schlagle, you're in for a treat! Students have the opportunity to advertise and sell food and drink during lunch hours. In the past, choices have included pizza, rotel and cookies. Watch for surveys (below) to personalize your Market Day experience.

Survey #1

Vote HERE for School Store

What would YOU like to have stocked in the school store?

Simply CLICK HERE to vote on items you'd like to see stocked.

Watch this page for more information

Fall 2014 Band Events Schedule

School Calendar

Students of the Month - September


Briana Echols

Briana Echols.jpg
Briana plays volleyball and she

loves acting.  She plans to study

at KU and major in Culinary Arts.

Her favorite class is English.


Darius Brand

Darius Brand.jpg
Darius plans to major in Business

Management in KU.  He plays

basketball and his favorite teacher

is Mr. Western.  His family motivates

him to be the best he can be.




Mulan Vang

Mulan plans to study at UMKC

and major in Education.  She plays

volleyball and her favorite class

is Math.  Her favorite teacher is

Mr. Buck.


Samantha Torres

Samantha likes reading and his

favorite teacher is Mr. Milner.

Her inspiration is her older

sister.  She plans to study at KU

to become an Orthopedic





Courtney Tindall

Courtney Tindall.JPG
Courtney plans to study at Jackson

State University and major in

Business Administration.  She

likes music and poetry.  Her

favorite teacher is Ms. DeGarmo

and her inspiration is her father.


Ladarius Brooks

Ladarius Brooks.JPG
Ladarius plans to study at KU or

the University of Arkansas and

major in Art.  He likes to draw

and play sports.  His favorite

teachers are Mr. Milner and

Mrs. Franco.  His grandfather

inspires him to be at his best

at all times.




Jacob Armstrong

Jacob Armstrong.jpg
Jacob plans to study either at

UMKC or KCKCC at major in

Psychology.  He enjoys writing

and his favorite class is English.

His inspiration is his father because

he pushes him to go beyond

what is expected of him.


Gabrielle Richmond

Gabrielle RichmondJPG.JPG

Gabby plans to study at Jackson

State University and major in

Physical Education.  She likes

working out, dancing and giving

advice.  Her favorite teacher is 

Mrs. Franco.  Her inspiration in

life is her grandmother.

Loaner Laptops

macbook_air_2 Pick up and drop off in Room 217 for daily check-out

Homepage Locker

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

We Can, We Will, We Shall


           Schoolwide Assembly on October 31st, Friday, 1:10 - 2:20 PM

         Theme:  Rise Above Bullying & Violence          

F.L. Schlagle Gymnasium


Blood Drive November 4



Community Blood Center needs 580 donors each day to meet area hospitals' needs
Be a hero and help save a life - GIVE BLOOD
Health Science III and Career and Community Connections classes are sponsoring a blood drive!
November 4th from 8:30 - 12:30 in the Schlagle gym
Be the first to schedule an appointment at www.savealifenow.org  
Click on Schedule an Appointment
our Sponsor code is KCSCHLAGLE (for the search for a blood drive)
Appointments are in 15 minute increments.
Scholar's Bowl Flyer 2.jpg

Marching Stallions Perform in the Missouri Classic

Harvesters Help

Need Harvesters?  Sign up on the link.  Schlagle distribution is every third Tuesday.
CLICK HERE to find out more!

Freshmen Vote Here

Vote HERE for Freshman Class board officers.


     Students: Do you love reading? Do you want a chance to read popular novels like Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars while also getting involved at Schlagle and meeting new people?

     On November 8, 2014, Schlagle will be competing against other schools in the district to show off our literary knowledge at Battle of the Books, and we need YOU to help us shine!

     Please join us in Ms. Moss's room from 2:30-3:00 on Tuesday afternoon if you would like to be a part of this awesome opportunity!

Tutoring Available

Do you need a little help with math, or time to work on your English essay? Are you confused about the difference between momentum and motion? Find the help you need after school with tutoring. Click here to see the full schedule.

Great Wolf Lodge Has Jobs

Compassion: October Character Trait

This month Schlagle students focus on Compassion.

Students, What does your future hold?

Let's find the pathway that's right for you!

Pathway Survey

Get Help Here!

If you are feeling sad, depressed or hopeless, help is just a click away. This website, developed by Schlagle students Veronica Gamboa and Jasmine Bell, offers helpful facts and phone numbers for students who need help and hope.

Help put an end to bullying.
Please click HERE to report incidents of bullying.  
You do not have to be a victim to do the right thing.


KMBT Aug 2015


Posted by: Mr. D. DeRosa
Published: 8/14/14

Summer Science Packets
If you are missing your summer science packet, you can download a copy here!

Posted by: Sarah Evans
Published: 8/11/14

Student Board Representative Applications
Are you interested in serving on your grade level representative board?  Get an application today & turn it in by Friday, August 15th.  


Prior members of last years sophomore board and the sophomores trained over the sum... Continue
Posted by: Sarah Evans
Published: 8/8/14


Interested Visual & Performance Artists NEEDED
Help build the Forensics program at Schlagle by:

   working on a project to promote the program (visual artists)
   begin working on pieces to take to Tournament (performance artists) 

You may express your interest in both activi... Continue
Posted by: Diamond Howell
Published: 10/22/14

Scholars Bowl News
Scholars' Bowl season has officially begun with our first meet last night.  Great work to the JV members who participated. (Ian Pack, William Elliot-Jones, And Mulan Vang) Looking forward to a successful season.


Varsity team ... Continue
Posted by: Mr. D. DeRosa
Published: 10/21/14


POETRY CLUB: Meeting on Tuesday from 2:30-3:00 to work on new Slam poems. Hope to see you in Mrs. Grissom's room, 323, after school!
CHAMBERS REHEARSAL: Will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30PM in room 109.

Tardies:  Any student late from lunch will receive an automatic after school detention.  Detentions will be served in rooms 321 & 322 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Student ID Badges:  Students you need to have your ID badges visible when you go through the lunch lines
Pep Club:  Support your fellow Stallions - Join the Pep Club!  We meet from 2:30 - 3:15 Tuesday afternoons in Ms. Brown's room. We'll make posters, plan game themes and come up with fun ways to support the Stallions! If you're interested, please see Ms. Wilcoxon or Ms. Brown.
 Boys Basketball:  Tryouts for basketball will start November 17th.  Any student interested in trying out for boy's basketball must have all their grades above 60%.

SENIORS:  Josten's will return Tuesday, November 4th during all lunch periods for graduation orders.  Students will need a $60 deposit to place their orders.
Trick or Treat:  Would you like something good to eat?  Senior Board will be selling Halloween grams during lunch this week for $1 each.  They will be delivered to FA's on Friday.